Bleeding from the bottom, or anus, is a very common symptom known as rectal bleeding. The vast majority of conditions that lead to rectal bleeding are entirely benign and without concern. However, rectal bleeding may herald a more sinister condition of the colon or bowel. Issues such as the nature of the blood (bright red, clots, dark blood or blood mixed in with the stool), the age of the patient, and associated symptoms such as changes in the pattern of opening your bowels may help distinguish benign or unworrying bleeding from a more sinister cause.

In either case, it would certainly be worth reporting such a symptom to your GP and we would be very happy to see you, make a diagnosis and offer advice. Often we can perform simple investigations in the office which can provide a definitive diagnosis there and then. Sometimes further tests may be organized elsewhere at The London Clinic, such as endoscopy or x-rays, and the surgeon will review the results of those tests with you to help with diagnosis and treatment.